Nathan's Story
High School sweet hearts, David and Sandra George welcomed the blonde hair blue eyed baby boy Nathaniel John to the world on September 20th, 1981 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He always kept his mom and dad on their toes, hence the nickname “Master of Disaster”. He was proud of everything he did, down to his flaws. He valued everything he was given, so much that he had to sleep with everything he got new, even down to new shoes.

Nate was a true individual; he was always a leader in everything he did. He lived life to the fullest, from
skydiving to just on a whim packing up and going to the Kentucky Derby just because he thought it would be
cool to get dressed up. Nate became a role model for his Little Sister Lindsay as well as his Little Brother
Nick. He was always worried about them, and always wanted the best for his family. He always looked out for those close to him. Nathan was very family oriented, and that family included his friends.

Nate graduated from Fredonia High in 2000, and went on to attend college at Kent State in Ohio where he majored in Architecture for two years. He moved back to Fredonia and attended Jamestown Community College majoring in mathematics, he graduated in 2004. Nate moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, and he continued his education at Wake Tech College of Technology in Raleigh and graduated with an Auto Cad Certificate. He had just started a new job working as a Technical Engineer for Duke Energy of Durham, North Carolina in April of 2009. He was so happy to get this job and start his career. Unfortunately, he never got the chance to see his first paycheck. Nate stayed involved with sports as much as he could….golf and pool mostly, but he also worked as an umpire for the Raleigh Parks & Recreation Dept. He had hopes and plans to attend umpire school and one day umpire professionally.

Nate became an uncle and godfather to Makenzie Paige (Princess Makenzie) on August 17, 2005. Makenzie was his pride and joy, he cherished every moment he was able to spend with her. Whenever his Mom and Dad went to visit him they were never allowed to come alone, they always had to bring "Princess Makenzie". She speaks of Nathan often and really misses her Uncle Nate. If you were to ask her what she remembers most about her Uncle Nate she would answer, “When he held me upside down by my feet" or “when he used to swing me by my feet”. When Makenzie was a baby, Nathan would hold her and cradle her and sing the Backstreet Boys in her ear, because he knew that it would calm her. This little girl had Nate wrapped around her little finger.

On the last weekend in April 2009, Nate, his roommate and a few friends headed to the 2009 Kentucky
Derby. Again always living for the moment. The pictures from that weekend show the fun and laughter that the weekend held. On May 3, 2009, while in West Virginia on their way back home to North Carolina, Nate lost control of the car as a result of a heavy rainstorm. Nate and Brian Miller, a friend and passenger in the car were both lost in the accident. In a split second Nathan and Brian’s families lives as they knew it changed forever.

The last weekend the family had with Nathan was for his parent’s 50th surprise birthday party, just 3 weeks before the accident. Nathan was their biggest surprise that day; He flew in from North Carolina the night before. The family cherishes the memories of that day.

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