It's Time

Its time that I listen to the voices within

Its impossible to lose when they say I can win

Make me happy enough to shed a slight grin

The whole struggle will be worth it in the end.

I cant help but think that this will all be ok

But as of right now I have nothing to say

I hope the light shines soon to show me the way

The whole struggle will be worth it at the end of the day.

So to forecast, the weather is gloomy with rain

But the sky will open up and the sun shines again

So in this game of life I am destined to win

The whole struggle is now worth it and I may begin

The rest of my life will play itself out

And I will carry on without any doubt

I now know what life is truly about

So pay close attention and listen now as I shout

I dig deep for the breath as I try hard to say

Live life as though your last day was today

Take advantage of pleasure and learn from the pain

Lifes lessons are those that can not be explained

Untitled II

Why is it that when we try

to put in on the line

something happens everytime

to make us change our minds

why is it that when we try

to push our fears away

something happens everytime

and those fears are back in play

why is it that when we try

to make it all seem right

something happens everytime

and wrong is all thats in sight

why is it that when we try

to forget how good it felt

something happens everytime

and inside again we melt


why is it that when we try

to heal our wounded heart

That certain something

never happens

and we find ourselves at the start.



What would you do?

What would you do if you weren't afraid?
Would you still think twice about the choices you made?
What would you do if you just had more time?
Would you then be able to make up your mind?
What would you do if you had all the money?
Would you still think that all of those bills were not funny?
What would you do with a second chance?
Would you work up the nerve to get up and dance?
What would you do if you couldn't feel pain?
Would you still feel like a kid and go play in the rain?
What would you do if you could go back in time?
Would you try and see the oldest ancestors you could find?
What would you do if you didn't have to worry about health?
Would you still diet and exercise and take care of yourself?
I ask not these questions to boggle ones mind.
Yet I ask these questions because I believe we are blind.
Blind to all the great things that we know.
Like the choices we make only help us to grow.
I think we should trust the instincts inside.
Because when choices are to be made,
Our instincts never hide.
"Change gon' come" a wise man once said.
Yet we stand afraid of what lies ahead.
So next time someone asks you
What you would do if you weren't afraid
Tell them…
I will live, I will laugh, I will love, and get paid!

The whirlwind that is
the whirlwind of my life
is a windy whirlwind
when the wind whirls at night
It blows me around
around and around I go
when will I stop
only the whirlwind knows
I try to keep my feet planted
like a plant I try to stay
yet just as I get planted
the whirlwind takes my roots away
I’m uprooted as I’m spinning
I spin so fast I cannot see
the world keeps on spinning
yet the axis stops in me
I’m stopped and gain my balance
I balance out and breathe the air
the whirlwind has taken me places
new places and faces, yet I’m not sure where
Not knowing where I’ve landed
the whirlwind chases so I must go
perhaps I can avoid the whirlwind
if I find shelter down below
So I start the trip below
and I dig deeper as I go
I dig way down beneath my ground
and for my work, nothing to show
So as it goes
until the end
confusion without answers
will always be the whirlwinds' trend

The question is this...
A question of character.
What can you possibly become
If you have not yet figured out
Who you truly are?
The blinding ignorance that is our dreams
Clouds the idea of what our future really means.
You think that you want one thing
You end up getting something else
Meanwhile those thoughtful dreams
Remain flatlined and on the shelf.
So I ask you this...
When do you become the person
You always wanted to be?
I leave you with another deafening question...
What do you want to be when you grow up